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Seemingly small things can make great changes

Water. Food. Education. Healthcare. For many of us these things are granted. For others they are out of reach. That’s why we help with well-drilling and water purifiers. That's why we participate in school and community developement projects. That’s why we support doctors to conduct life-saving surgeries in remote places which otherwise would struggle to find specialists. Among other things we also provide people in need with medicine, medical instruments or even with food.

Being where we’re needed

Charity isn’t only about financially supporting people in need. That’s why our team of volunteers travel around the world and help others themselves. We ourselves deliver medicines and cook dinner. We also accompany doctors and other professionals, so they can focus on what they do best while we do the rest.

Spending on essentials only

We are a small organization focusing on the things we ourselves can do. First of all, we’re all volunteers helping in our own free time. Then we precisely monitor all expenditures not to waste even a cent to things that are not fundamentally needed. Where possible we work with locals in order to increase and spread the positive effect of our support. We also cooperate with other non-profit organisations with the same understanding and approach. This is how we are able to help the most.

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