COVID-19 Response 2020

Life sometimes brings truly unexpected challenges. COVID-19 pandemic is one of the largest that modern humankind ever faced to. To help with medical instruments and food wherever needed is not only a fundamental moral obligation in this emergency but also among our Foundation’s declared purposes. So far we have rapidly acted in the following areas:

  • purchasing and distributing 1000 facial masks to the public in Hungary

  • distributing an additional cca 1000 facial masks to the most vulnerable elderly in cooperation with the authorities in Hungary

  • assisting in daily shopping to the most vulnerable elderly in cooperation with the authorities in Hungary

  • supporting state children with computers enabling them to participate in e-learning during the lockdown in Hungary

  • financially supporting Secular Franciscans in Malawi who buy food and sanitation items and distribute to ultra-poor Malawians in 9 regions across Malawi to the identified 6 families per region


Considering that we are in the middle of this pandemic we appreciate all kind of supports and also suggestions where we could help efficiently. For suggestions please contact us at contact@purelifefoundation.eu . If you wish to support our missions you can wire transfer your donation to the following bank account:

Name: PURE LIFE ALAPÍTVÁNY (seat: H-1054 Budapest, Tüköry utca 3./II.)

Account number: 10102244-24205100-01005004

IBAN: HU95-10102244-24205100-01005004


Bank: Budapest Bank Zrt. (1138 Budapest, Váci út 193.)

Malawi Mission 2019

In association with Dr. László Szegedi neurosurgeon professor and his team, with Food Angels Foundation and also with the Secular Franciscans we successfully completed our mission in Malawi which took place between 18 October and 4 November 2019. The team consisted of 10 people: 6 doctors, 2 humanitarian volunteers and 2 board members of Pure Life Foundation. During our trip we have covered the following areas of support:

  • We financially supported the neurosurgery-mission with the involvement of highly skilled doctors. They performed cca 25 life-saving surgeries for children and grown-ups as well. For the operations they also brought cca 100 kg of medicines and medical instruments.

  • We visited 4 orphanages (Jacaranda School, Bahasi Communitiy, Fatima Orphanage and Yoanne Banda Foundation) where we not only learned their daily problems, but also supported with essentials: delivered 3 “Life Saver” water purifier items, locally purchased cloths and shoes and - together with the doctors - painted the walls in a building that currently gives shelter for 20 street-kids.

  • Cooperating with the Secular Franciscans in „Well 4 Africa” project we visited a borehole in Limbe that was completed in 2018, one near Zomba that was under construction and inspected eight other potential sites travelling around 1000 kms in the region.

  • During these visits we delivered 25 “Life Saver” water purifier items to those people have no access to clean drinking water. One item can filter up to 5000 litres of water. We have also studied further places where people seriously suffer from waterborne deceases and discussed how larger water purifiers could be installed and maintained in the future.  

  • We donated a family recently left without father with very basic food supplies.  

  • We donated 6 parishes in the rural area with 6 good quality footballs enabling them to organise a continuous local tournaments.

  • We started to support a teacher’s post gradual studies as Master of Education in Psychology at University of Malawi enabling him to utilise his knowledge long term within the Malawian communities.

  • Through an auction organized by Jacaranda Foundation supported Jacaranda Orphanage as well as a psychologist volunteer team who visit and look after kids need long-term hospital treatment. 

  • We also gathered essential information on how to plan and organize our upcoming missions in this incredible country.