Uganda 2021

We proudly supported the “Africa Born in my Heart” Association in their mission to Manafwa, Uganda. Their outstanding and impactful work literally changed the life of the entire village. This time, the mission covered the following areas of support:

  • school painting

  • purchase of school supplies

  • elimination of period poverty


We also started to support 9 children and 3 teenage girls in their studies. The contribution covers not only their tuition fee, but also meals twice a day at school, uniforms, school supplies and medication, when necessary. 

We also exchanged essential information on how to plan and organize the upcoming missions

Educational and Economic Support
Carbon-Compensation 2020

  • We continued to support a Malawian teacher’s post-graduate studies as Master of Education in Psychology at University of Malawi, enabling him to put his knowledge to long term use within the Malawian communities.

  • In association with Planetrise and Veto, we supported a maize trading initiative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project aims at developing fair trading between the farmers in the remote Equatorial Province and the rapidly growing capital of Kinshasa by supporting corn transportation on the unpredictable Congo River. Growing incomes will be used to implement sustainable social and environmental projects locally.

  • We supported Bamboo Village Uganda to help local communities with bamboo cultivation in order to utilize the versatility of this wonderful plant. In addition to the numerous social and economical benefits, bamboo is an excellent natural carbon sink so we also contributed to carbon-compensation and the fight against climate change.

COVID-19 Response 2020

Life sometimes brings truly unexpected challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest that modern humankind has ever faced. Helping with medical instruments and food wherever needed is not only a fundamental moral obligation in this emergency, but also one of our Foundation’s declared purposes. So far we have rapidly acted in the following areas:

  • purchasing and distributing 1000 facial masks to the public in Hungary

  • distributing an additional approx. 1000 facial masks to the most vulnerable elderly in cooperation with the authorities in Hungary

  • assisting the daily shopping of the most vulnerable elderly in cooperation with the authorities in Hungary

  • supporting MassVentil Project, who are developing a modular mass ventilator system, which under critical circumstances can be used to simultaneously ventilate a large number of coronavirus patients in critical condition

  • supporting children in state care with computers enabling them to participate in e-learning during the lockdown in Hungary as well as with a dishwasher that helps them spend more time with learning and playing (while also saving water). 

  • financially supporting Secular Franciscans in Malawi who buy food and sanitation items and distribute them to ultra-poor Malawians in 9 regions across Malawi to the identified 6 families per region

Malawi Mission 2019

In association with neurosurgeon professor Dr. László Szegedi and his team, the Food Angels Foundation and also the Secular Franciscans, we successfully completed our mission in Malawi which took place between 18 October and 4 November 2019. The team consisted of 10 people: 6 doctors, 2 humanitarian volunteers and 2 board members of Pure Life Foundation. During our trip we covered the following areas of support:

  • We financially supported the neurosurgery-mission with the involvement of highly skilled doctors. They performed 25 life-saving surgeries on both children and adults. For the operations, they also brought approx. 100 kg of medication and medical instruments.

  • We visited 4 orphanages (Jacaranda School, Bahasi Community, Fatima Orphanage and Yoanne Banda Foundation) where we not only learned about their daily problems, but also supported them with essentials: delivering 3 “Life Saver” water purifier items, locally purchased clothes and shoes and - together with the doctors - painting the walls in a building that currently gives shelter for 20 street-kids.

  • Cooperating with the Secular Franciscans in the “Well 4 Africa” project, we visited a borehole in Limbe that was completed in 2018, one near Zomba that was under construction and inspected eight other potential sites travelling around 1000 km in the region.

  • During these visits, we delivered 25 “Life Saver” water purifier items to people who have no access to clean drinking water. One item can filter up to 5000 litres of water. We have also studied additional sites where people seriously suffer from waterborne diseases and discussed how larger water purifiers could be installed and maintained in the future.  

  • We donated basic food supplied to a family that was recently left without a father.  

  • We donated 6 high-quality footballs to 6 parishes in the rural area, encouraging them to organise regular sport events and mini-tournaments between the villages.

  • We began supporting a teacher’s post-graduate studies as Master of Education in Psychology at University of Malawi, enabling him to put his knowledge to long term use within the Malawian communities.

  • Through an auction organized by Jacaranda Foundation, we supported Jacaranda Orphanage as well as a psychologist volunteer team who visited and looked after kids who required long-term hospital treatment. 

  • We also gathered essential information on how to plan and organize our upcoming missions in this incredible country.